An Un-epic story: The adventure of Enki and Tiny Freddie
A tale about blossoming feelings between two completely different girls!
Interesting and well-rounded characters with their own goals and ambitions.
Witty dialogue and absurd situations, with some references to memes and tropes thrown in for good measure!
The tavern is where all adventures begin—but not if you're a young, overconfident, loner elf. Because of her personality and past jobs, Enki is denied a lucrative contract to kill a river monster… unless she works with Freddie, a timid half-giant, in pursuit of the prize.

Their partnership is tested by tentacles, the cold river, prejudice, and Enki's hot-blooded behavior. Still, the next morning, the newly-minted girlfriends deal with a different threat: Mystical powers enter the fray and are promptly discovered by the duo. How will they deal with all these challenges? Well, it truly is "An Un-Epic Story"!

Spicy scenes that will make your heart race~!
Over 30 delightful illustrations.
Key Features
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